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Partner with a knowledgeable medical professional to ensure accuracy and credibility.


Expect nothing less than quality work delivered on time.


Rest easy knowing your content is curated by someone with a passion for wellness.

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Do any of the following examples sound like you?

  • A provider looking to acquire more patients, but without taking time away from the patients you already have
  • A practitioner who loves engaging their customers with content but needs someone to curate information in their style and tone
  • A healthcare start-up needing assistance with promotion or product instruction
  • A business needing help educating the public on pharmaceuticals or medical information


As a Registered Nurse, I possess hands-on experience and understanding of the healthcare industry. It is all about providing exceptional care in the fastest amount of time. You want to help your patients and customers become the healthiest versions of themselves. You want them to be informed and follow the treatment plans you create for them. But I know better than anyone, that you just don’t have the time!

Let me create engaging, targeted, factual, yet easy to comprehend content for you. From email newsletters to SEO articles, I can ensure your audience keeps coming back for care they can depend on.


“Maegan is phenomenal! Her clinical background is a huge asset to medical writing and it’s clear she really understands our audience. On top of that, she has a great understanding of digital marketing needs and SEO and always ties her articles back to our company’s value (without any direction from us at all). She’s extremely reliable, an excellent communicator, and a pleasure to work with as well.”

-Caresfield, healthcare manufacturer & supplier

“Maegan is fantastic! She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She excels at taking medical jargon, education, and scientific concepts and breaking it down so anyone can understand it.  Not only did she make the collaboration experience simple and easy, but she is efficient, timely, and has a passion for writing that shines clearly through her work. “

-Dr. Breana Badger, Associate Chiropractor

“Maegan is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her scope of work expanded to include collaborating on writing blogs, weekly newsletters, and potential client/user outreach. Her strengths lie in her communication skills, both written and oral, her sense of responsibility, proactiveness, and her genuine concern for the growth and development of our organization.”

-Dr. Shahnawaz, Medical Director, Face2Face Health

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